Helene Brier

Music of the Sphere
I have come full circle in working on the images that I did in the 60’s.  At that time, I concentrated on geometric windows and within these shapes there was a sense of light and space.   The ambiguity and mystery of nature have been the foundation of my art.
Recently my main interest has been the circle.  I have been involved in working on these circles in oils and printing monotypes using different colors, sizes and transparencies.  Celestial spheres are imaginary rotating objects.  All of these objects in the sky can be thought of as heavenly bodies.  I began to feel movement and centripetal force in creating these spheres.  A sense of dynamic force moving simultaneously led me to think of music.  This has carried me further in exploring the motion of circles and its relationship to music of the spheres.
With this new development I have become aware of the planets, sun, earth, moon and Venus.  In working in oils, these planets become luminous abstract circles centered in a square canvas.
Planetary nebulae are a result of stars when they die.  The luminosity resulting from these dying stars shine brightly and are very colorful.  Some of them remain spherical, but the majority of them are asymmetrical .
I move from one canvas to another thinking of the universe and heavenly bodies in the sky.  The geometric shapes surrounding the circle become a metaphor for the importance of the mind and the abstract shapes within the circle represent continuous life and energy.